A bit about me and this blog

As most of you reading this will no doubt have found your way here from my other blog - 'A Tent, A Caravan, 4 Wheels & Me' - it seems pointless writing another introduction, especially as a link to my profile is at the top of the page. Suffice to say that it was camping alone with my two little dogs which prompted me to start the original blog in the first place, and I was writing a page of it a while ago when I realised that although I've written a lot about the places I've been to I've never written much about the sites I've stayed on. Prompted by someone asking me for details of one such site I decided to start this completely new blog - a 'camper's eye view' of all the sites I've been to, and any useful information about the surrounding areas.  

Site pages are displayed in reverse chronological order with new sites being added as I stay on them - just click on any of the links in the A to Z list on the right and you'll find the page for that site. Also clicking on the thumbnail photos at the bottom of each page will bring up larger versions for more detail.

This was initially very much a work in progress so the style of the blog and the content of each post could very well have changed a few times before I decided it looked right, however I'm completely happy with everything so far so it will stay as it is for now - what you see is what you get. The only changes made will be to any site fees listed, these will be updated where possible - and when I remember! - each season. 

I hope these site reviews are helpful to anyone reading them, but please bear in mind that these are only written from my own personal experiences and opinions; other campers' views may differ. However, if this blog encourages just one person to stay at one of these sites - or not, as the case may be - then my writing won't have been in vain. And if anyone wants to ask me anything about any of the sites then please feel free to post a question on the relevant page and I'll answer as best I can.

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